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Enter the fascinating world of illusions! Enter the fascinating world of illusions!

Enter the fascinating world of illusions! Enter the fascinating world of illusions!

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Get a glimpse of our all-time classic exhibits and our new and unexplored illusions. Immerse yourself in our intriguing visual, sensory, and educational experience!

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From corporate events to birthday parties, we will welcome and entertain everyone who is ready for a great time. Organize an unforgettable event among the most amazing illusions.

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MOI Denver is now open!

Museum of Illusions Denver is a unique experience that will leave you in awe. Get ready to be amazed and to Learn, Feel, and See WOW!

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Our interactive installations can be experienced through a pre-booked guided tour or explored at your own pace. Either way, be prepared to have your mind blown. Contact us for more details and get for an exhilarating adventure!


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An illusion unveiled by 4200+ reviews.

Explore illusions at Museum of Illusions Denver, where 4200+ voices unveil the Denver’s secret. Join the enchanted, mesmerized by our 4.7/5-star magic in the heart of Denver.

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Marty Smith Avatar
Marty Smith
What a Fun way to spend an hour! This is a great experience for all age groups! Everyone participates. The museum is clean and well run. We’ve recommended it to grandparents, parents, young adults and children.
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Alyssa Haverfield Avatar
Alyssa Haverfield
Very fun, but also quick so it’s not too much of a time commitment (which I liked). I recommend booking in advance and going during off-hours (especially if you don’t want to feel rushed while taking photos). My bf surprised me with tickets here, and as I had never heard of it, I didn’t have any expectations. It was something different and interactive to do. Because there is a lot of touching in the mini exhibits, there are hand sanitizer stations all around, which I appreciated. Some of the installations are more interesting than others, and some are so popular that you kind of awkwardly wait around for a turn. I could see going more than once, to experiment with different photo ideas, if you’re into that. Oh, and I really appreciated the info plaques/instructions for each illusion, as well as the photo prompts. P.S. Wearing a skirt could mess up some of the illusions lol.
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Gregory Clark Avatar
Gregory Clark
This place was so much fun, far more interactive than what you'd expect from a museum, making it more akin to an art installation. The exhibits focus on optical illusions and how visual input can distort our perception, even though we know what we're seeing can't possibly be true. In addition each experience is accompanied by a plaque detailing how the illusion affects our senses. Further, photo opportunities abound and are encouraged, with each experience including a place to stand to take the perfect picture of the illusion as perceived by the participant. I highly recommend this place for anyone interested in an engaging and interactive experience unlike any other walking tour or museum out there.
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